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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Splendid Pinjore Gardens Festival is Epitome of Merriment in Navratri Glee

Shimla tourist circuit has important stop destination on way, the historical Pinjor Gardens. Such a pomping destination is lovely place for picnic and events and regular venue of Hariyana Tourism. Vaisakhi fair is celebrated in Punjab and  other parts of India with splendid colors, Haryana state hosts Baisakhi Mela @Pinjore Gardens regularly for enthusiasts and the event get high class reception.

Pinjore Gardens located near Chandigarh Baisakhi Mela event is scheduled on April 12 and 13, 2016 by the State Tourism Department with colorful crutch and real fun.

Full enthusiasm and joy is sure flavor of Pinjore Baisakhi Fair and fans wait each ear for the event to come as early as possible.

What is specialty of too much awaited program? The very famous flags green signal to Baisakhi @Pinjore Gardens with the beat of decorated drums with lovely echo in the air rising.

Lively dance, exhilaration and glamorous fun is iconic in Pinjore Baisakhi. The grand event is equipped with Food Court, Shop filled with exotic variety of handlooms and handicrafts @Crafts Bazaar. Fun and serious Baisakhi shopping waits the Pinjore enthusiast

Fun has added music and entertainment by performers daily @Pinjore Gardens Baisakhi Mela.

Contests and Cultural Events add special flavor to the Pinjore fair involving and luring students with nice prizes.

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  1. Nice post on the Pinjore Garden , which is an example of the Mughal style Gardens.The garden has been laid in seven terraces,and is still one of the beautiful gardens in India.There is even a mini-zoo in the lowermost terrace. Do check Pinjore Garden for more details.