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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Woman IT Manager Wins London Tribunal Gender Discrimination Case, Media Reports Contradicting Shreya Ukil

IT Expert Shreya Ukils Case is Being Reported as Lost by Wipro, How can they do it?
Examining Shreya Ukil Case in Online World 

This morning Dainik Bhaskar has reported long story about Shreya Vakil (Ukil) but to my utmost surprise Google news has two versions of the story. Huffingtom Post reports win in London tribunal but Economic Times of India has version with headline with Wipro win claim. Which one is right version? How can media or company or person can report tribunal judgement in conradicting way?

Lets examine the truth of Shreya Ukil London Tribunal Case with online references:

The very first places can be popular social networks, Here is Shreya Ukil Tweet: Wipro lost unequal pay sex discrimination victimisation unfair dismissal. So what's the win? Judgements r black n white. Wake up @wipro

Similarly Shreya Ukil Facebook time line is full with media reports of 'Shreya Ukil case win' links, I have posted a coment with the 'Wipro win' link for clarification from here.

I have sent email to Wipro media contacts too for clarifications on “What is exact judgement?”.

An Indian woman serving in global level and facing such situations is must concern for digital world and every global citizen.

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