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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is inside Azhar Taabij, Only God or GrandFather Know

Cricket movie Azhar set to hit screens on May 13, 2016 with Match fixing secret
What is inside Mohammad Azharuddin's Ganda or Amulet / Talisman / Periapt, The source of special power?
Emraan Hashmi playing cricket captain the scion of cricket in sports biopic

The real Azhar always keep the amulet with him around his neck. Upcoming movie Azhar has again raised curiosity of fans and public about the secret of special power provider.

Azhar trailer was launched and the captain along with movie star faced bombarding questions revealing several secrets of their life.

Mohammad Azharuddin was natural target for Taabij and Fixing. The court case winner cricket captain of yesteryears was cool n comfortable with all shootings n hits.The real Azhar confided that the inside of Taabij (or Gandaa) is unknown to him or anybody. Azhar's grandfather put the periapt in his neck so only grandpa or god knows the exact secret of the Taabij.

Azhar's match fixing case spoiled the career of cricket captain but judicial win made again him proud cricketer. What is in store on the fix in Azhar movie is going to be revealed on day after tomorrow when the sport biopic is live on screen.

The daredevilry act of Emraan Hashmi in the Azhar is simply chilling as the legend himself is going to watch the movie. Any way the serial kisser is now in sporting image with real life drama and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the Azhar movie.

One thing is sure the filming of Azhar is going to attract double doze of fans i.e. movie and cricket lovers both.

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