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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Mexico movie A Monster with a Thousand Heads is releasing in USA today

The insurance company troubling needy is real life experience for many
Director Rodrigo Pla has filmed wife Laura Santullo's same titled novel

The Monster from Mexico director has already in limelight with premier in Venice Film Festival and lot of people has said a lot on the Insurance problem in time of need movie. Insurance as the literal meaning suggests is supposed to be the helping hand in time of emergency but when you find yourself no where when the insurance failed to deliver what is promised and expected then a woman takes path of struggle which is the novel followed by movie.

Wife writes novel and husband makes movie. The Monster with a Thousand Heads movie is being presented to American audience by Music Box company and the public reaction is sure watch matter.

Insurance is hot topic in USA during President Obama regime. Movies on insurance from Mexico might get good response with US citizens as per my opinion.
Why so? It is long story, will continue sometime in future, at the moment my concern is how A Monster.. fares in USA.

The lead actress Jana Raluy born on October 14 in Mexico city is dominating with grave look on all promotional posters and her social networks wall banner. She has tweeted and posted in Facebook wall in Spanish about 11 May New York arrival.

The most important comment about the heroine of A Monster with a Thousand Heads movie label her acting as performance for ages. I also backup as the veteran theater personality Jana Raluy deserve the same of kind of treat. Jana Raluy has played a distressed wife Sonia Bonet struggling for well-being of her spouse.

What is Jana Raluy reaction about success of the movie? She has status update "¡¡¡Grateful and very happy because "a thousand-headed monster" by Rodrigo Plá has seven nominations to Ariel !!!", a translation from original Spanish.

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