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Friday, May 6, 2016

Now decided! Actor Alden Ehrenreich New avatar of Han Solo

The fictional avatar of Harrison Ford is now onwards have face of  actor Alden Ehrenreich sort of reincarnation again

Conman type hero Han Solo lives in virtual world, moves on millennium falcon and used to entertain the world masses since year 1977 when Harrison Ford was very charming young man, heart throb sensation in negative hero character. Now media reports has publicised worldwide the arrival of new face actor Alden Ehrenreich portraying Han Solo in all future performances.

Generations have watched Star Wars and Han Solo movies and episodes, read and gossiped charcters and made a niche in mind and heart. Han Solo et al are part of life of people crossing boundaries of many generations and will continue in future.

What is indicated with Alden Ehrenreich entrance in Star Wars? May be the new era for new generation for the same traditional space drama or giving chance to youngsters in ritualistic way as father leave seat for son.

Let's watch the Alden Han Solo Ehrenreich acting...

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