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Friday, May 6, 2016

What is Aakash Thosar real date of birth?

Why such question about Sairat hero now in super limelight?

Fresh actor in Marllywood (Marathi Hollywood / Marathi Film Industry) Aakash Thosar is now very famous in Maharashtra cinema gaining worldwide popularity. Fan following for the Marathi actor is just reigning like anything.

First look in Internet search reveals many Aakash Thosar Facebook Id and Pages along with two Wikipedia pages -
- : Seems more dependable and genuine with Date of Birth 24 February 1998
- : Few details with DOB 3 November 1990

Now you know why I raised the question about genuine and real Aakash Thosar Date of Birth?

Any one knowing Aakash Thosar DOB authentically please confirm.

Marathi movie Sairat (सैराट in Marathi / Hindi) is making waves in cinema world and being claimed better that Baaghi. My analysis later but this movie Sairat has launched Aakah Thosar in big sky.

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