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Friday, May 6, 2016

Jagat Rawat romancing with family life is simply unique in Bose family of Kuchh Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi sop opera

Bijoye Bose and all members are the glue binding many elements of Sony TV's hottest serial

A common man father Bijoye Bose is lived by Jagat Rawat against the extra-ordinary mother Ishwari finds life in virtual cine world by Supriya Pilagonkar. Crystal clear chiselled looks of father of Dr. Sonakshi Bose in common family background is very prominent performance of Jagat Rawat painting a lasting picture in minds.

I have discussed in few articles about the tele serial KRPKAB but here my focus is on Jagat Rawat roles from the serial perspective and universal acting talent working in Hindi entertainment world. Veteran actor Jagat Rawat possess a unique style which takes colours according to the characters.

Bijoye Bose, sensitive father in a common family is very remarkable role play by Jagat Singh Rawat. What is special with father of Dr. Bose (turned Miss Bose for Dev Dikshit in 45th episode) of KRPKAB?
Jagat Rawal has portrayed the father of changing era who treats daughter at par with son.In what respect the father-daughter relation is seen in new phase? Dr. Sonakshi Bose has taken the role of father Bijoye Bose taking responsibility of whole family. Jagat Rawal has very effectively performing the new era father treating and taking the situation with pride.

Actor Jagat Singh Rawal playing Bijoye Bose and family is screening of new winds. Indian family takes daughter as others when it comes to working like family lead. In real life also situation is changing, now girls are taking care of parents and family along with husband side relations. The change is only possible when receiving side also feel comfortable with it. Jagat Rawal has put essence of life in father Bijoye Bose role.

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