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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nag Hill, Hillock or Mountain?

Ajmer has Ana Sagar lake and at some distance Pushkar lake. The aerial view shows Pushkar as small replica of Ana Sagar. There is one more prominent green barrier Nag hill separating the two lakes and cities.

Locally famous as Nag Pahar / Pahad (नाग पहाड़ in Hindi) the samll hill is part of Aravali Hill range. Nag Hill is finding frequent mentions in media. Local residents living around Naga Hilll in Ajmer, Pushkar regions are demanding special status for Nag hills.

Currently Nag Hill is forest department property but Gurjar people are asking its possession or national heritage status as Atishaya Kshetra.

Nag Hill contains many historical and religious places.
What will be the future of Nag Hill with ecological perspective if the Nag hill is made pilgrimage location? 

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