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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Teenage movie Chauranga has subtle meaning of life out of audacity and parallel thinking

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The audacity of teenage portrayal makes Chauranga global hit in serious circle but few think other way too as seen in the Facebook page of the movie.

Rural India is rare finding in movie world. This is not unusual, after all why some one want to put money on sure business debacle. Chauranga has followed the same tradition of worshipping movie regardless of profit equation.

Chauranga is fresh air in the otherwise polluted environment of over entertainment trends. Soham Maitra has played the key character in the parallel movie of recent times. The teenage boy has played real teenage role in the movie.

The movie has strong award line but the collection figure is real picture of the temerity of makers too. You wont believe the low figure but the movie is reality and response is reality making Chauranga an eternal saga in different style cinema.

Chauranga movie finds its shape to thril the audience with actors and actress playing the roles allotted to them sheding their actual character, it's success of both the movie and the artist.
Following persons real and reel name are just for you -
Soham Maitra as Santu in his early teens who lives with family and looks after pigs at a place but no one knows the identity, any Indian village
Ena Saha as Mona a girl on scooter, Ami Aadu and 1.30 am movie fame TV actress
Riddhi Sen as Bajrangi, Reshmi & Kaushik Sen's son and big brother for Santu
Sanjay Suri as Dhaval The Jamindar The Landowner
Tannishtha Chatterjee as Dhaniya
Dhritiman Chatterjee as the blind priest
Swatilekha Sengupta as Dhaval's mother
Arpita Pal as Nidhi
Anshuman Jha as Raghu
Dilzad Hiwale as Shambu

Chauranga is not an ordinary movie. Its an extraordinary plot dealing with something different in the same place of life. There are people living in misery and melancholia of their fate but keep looking on rays coming from far distance. One day some one or some coincidence lead them to new destinations and stories are borne loved by everyone.

What exactly Chauranga finds in way of life via a teenager boy found in every corner of India?
The Facebook page has a line I must mention here "A 14 year old Dalit boy writes a love letter to a 16 year old 'upper' class girl" which is sufficient to force lightening effect of the whole picture.

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