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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Immense suspense drama of Wazir left marks of life, just watch empty mind

Unimaginable ethics of life seen in the movie to save the nation but circumstances put a man in high drama involving the same kind of treatment to people around him, the women feel totally different nostalgia driven turns of life. Yes, its Wazir movie, telling a tell of high drama with unique twists.

Long lasting impact, equally long years of history on concept cooking including world wide incidences to finalize the making of Wazir as robust cinema putting its mark for ages, are all about the Hindi drama in complex words leading you to simple conclusion that "Unforgettable for Life Kind of Visual Impact out of Wide Silver Screen".

The film as of today has reached at stable stage of collection revenue putting it behind other release on the same trail equalling the expense cost of 35 Crores / 350 Million INR. The question of earning figure and the impact not matching is subject of long analysis.

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