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Monday, February 1, 2016

Which one of Stricken, Injured or Wounded fits on Ghayal Once Again?

The movie Ghayal Once Again is Friday Feb 05, 2016 Release, Who is going to stricken after watching the He Man (of yester years) production and who happily goes ever-after is speculated on positive side.

Father Son He-Man duo is sure shot hit in movie circle with fixed fan following which is expected to make Ghayal Once Again a super success in box office of including big screens.

The Dharmendra production is exact and straight sequel to 1990 Ghayal movie (full Ghayal movie available online ) which still finds repeated screening in movie channels and not to say, winning new audience in new generation and refreshing old Sunni Deol fans for years.

Pre-release looks of Ghayal Once Again is available in Youtube with 1,496,137 views in a week time, 2,498,809 views in one month and 5,870,825 views after two months of official trailer posting by Vijayta Films Pvt Ltd, you must have guessed now it as Deol's company.

Now what about the plot? It mentions "Most Poerfull Man in Country" in official clip hinting extreme actions by Sunny Deol who is supported by Soha Ali and Aanchal Munjal in female leads.

Ok, all these are customary information, what is punch in Ghayal Once Again? Keep coming and look here again.

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