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Thursday, January 7, 2016

That’s how V(irat)do it!!

So, we won the India – Pakistan match with Virat Kohli swinging the bat like a man possessed… No, No, I know the statistics and can recite them right away but so does the whole world too by now… Anyway this is not about the batting averages or man of the match awards…. 
My first thoughts after we won the match on Sunday was that...Man, this guy is now going to be on every ad I see not.. He already is in a bunch of them. I am fine with most of them except the one where he is endorsing a fairness cream... “Virat, honey... You are a Delhi boy, a sportsman... Rugged and dusky is what makes you desirable... Not fair supple skin” 
So, coming back to the topic, everybody is shouting from the rooftops about what a great batsman Virat is. Technique, style what not!!!He is who the young aspirants should learn from and that he is well on his way to become the next Sachin … He is the cynosure of all eyes.. Oh! How we love him!
Aren’t these the same brethren, who a few months back, ranted and raved as to why Virat was chosen in the team and that he was a “false God”? There were huge panel discussions as to how talented Rohit Sharma wasn’t given a place because of Virat’s selection.  We accused Dhoni of favouritism for picking Virat as he was putting his confidence in something that wasn’t there. “This was the end of Virat Kohli” - many doomsday prophecies said.
Just a few months down the line, he wins us a match and yes, not to forget against Pakistan, and we are merrily singing his praises, not slightly ashamed of our earlier action.  Did anyone redeem themselves by at least printing a cloaked retraction?
Why are we a bunch of fair-weathered friends? 
“Oh, this is normal”... My friends console me, “has happened to the best of them. Remember Sourav, who we dropped like a hot potato after claiming he was the greatest captain, Sachin, It has happened to him as well.. How many times have people said he was over... That’s how it is”
Well, I guess, maybe it is accepted, but that doesn’t make it right.

While Virat magnanimously forgave the petty world and blasted a 183 to prove himself only to himself, I would like to believe he still is a Delhi boy on the inside and is smirking and looking for those doomsday prophets to give them what they deserve “Dili istyle”.

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