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Friday, January 8, 2016

India’s New Super Hero – AGENT VINOD, Tasty Movie Review

Move over Krish and, here comes India’s new Super hero, Agent Vinod…
This one is more special because one he is human and second he has no gifted powers from an alien who visited his dad. This one is all flesh and bones... So, here’s why he is a super hero...
For starters, have you seen him shirtless… If you are over 40, have had a mini heart attack, and try to keep a healthy life style, you would have to agree that just getting that body is a super hero feat!!!
How does he manage to move from one country to another without any visas, of maybe the Indian government has a super quick visa process for him but how does he manage it for the  Pakistani secret agent with a conviction for London bombings , who is supposedly DEAD!!!
If you people have ever been though the hassle of visa applications you would know…now, that’s a super power!!!
No, I am not saying this super –hero does not have ANY gadgets, of course he does, he has an invisible carry case, which has a unlimited supply of Armani suits, shavers and everything that makes you plucked and preened like a peacock. How else can you look like THAT when you are chasing international terrorists from country to country!!
Another super power is how you could audaciously copy some one’s else’s beat, make a hit song and then use regional copyright legalities to not give credit to its original composers, for the uninitiated copyright was registered in Canada and the original composers “ Barobax Corp” didn't have any ownership.
For those of you who are still unconvinced, it takes a super-hero to make Kareeena go totally unnoticed in a movie.  For the entire glamorous look, the designer clothes, she was just about there in the movie.  Even the mujra, was so thanda, for a nation who has seen Rekha, no no no … this is no way to break our hearts!!!Unless, she gave him a huge discount on her remuneration, why her!!! Not that there was any super –chemistry requiring scenes...
So, that’s our new Super-hero..Smart, Witty, Super-intelligent and combats the effects of the truth serum with a witty Bollywood song….
But that’s not it.. You need to be super intelligent to understand this mission of this super-hero.
Yes, I agree that.. India was saved from a super bomb and all that’s well... ends well, but I do have one doubt or Maybe I need some super power to understand why that bomb travelled to Africa if it had to be blasted in Nirula’s in Delhi!!! And how did it reach India by boat by the time the Agent hopped on a flight to Pakistan (yes with the presumed dead Pakistani spy), attended a wedding, blasted a hotel room and drove to India...
But, that could be just me, not understanding the super powers of Agent Vinod!!!
All, said and done.. If you haven’t watched the movie, watch it, make sure you have got the right company and a lot of popcorn!!! Surely not a waste of time!!

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