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Friday, January 8, 2016

Kolaveri... Now for the movie!!! Even finds place in tutoring

Finally, the “Kolaveri” movie has released, the movie is called “Moondru” in Tamil, which means three.  Moondru opens to rave reviews and no, it is not just the Kolaveri hype. The movie has lived up to the hoopla that Kolaveri has created…
No, I am not going to review the movie. All I will say is as with the good Dhanush movies, this one has a “twist” too. So I am not going to spoil it here…
So, now, why am I talking about it… because I am really happy!! Dhanush holds a very special place in my heart. Why! Sorry guys, that’s a secret and anyway that’s not what this is about. I knew him when he was just over nineteen and was taking his first steps into the movie industry.
Many of my “high society”and “educated”friends asked me, “How did this guy become a hero and has he even looked at himself, Scrawny, ugly etc. etc.?”
Guess who is having the last laugh now!!! Scrawny Ugly notwithstanding, the guy has been listed in the top 50 sexiest men in India... 
I have mixed feelings about Ranjaah – Dhanush’s maiden Bollywood venture, while I have no doubt that he will do a great job, the Bollywood audience is pretty shallow to accept such dark horses. After all, even Irfan Khan has a problem garnering audience for a solo hero movie.
Does he have more opportunity because he is Rajnikant’s son-in-law and just too clear it out, when I knew him, he wasn’t anyone’s son-in-law and he didn’t have plans of marriage yet!!   But, still does he now?  Maybe he obviously does, but someone as iconic as Rajnikant’s wouldn’t have approved him for his first –born if he already hadn’t spotted talent it him now!! Would he! I do not think there is anyone who trusts the “Superstars” judgement!! So, there if he gets the extra opportunity is because he well deserves it and works his scrawny ass off not to make it a wasted one.
Dhanush, along with his wife and brother-in-law in tow has come up with this really good movie. Romance, music, and that “twist” I was talking about. It you understand the languages, don’t miss it!!
Moondru has been described as Dhanush’s best yet, Trust me, the YET is the keyword here. He is going to go places and how!!! 

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