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Saturday, January 9, 2016

IPL – Cricketainment is here, India dancing with bats beat

Its IPL time again…
The Glam, Glitz, Gossip, Actors and their nakhras, after parties, scams, fashion shows and Oh yes!! I totally forgot the Cricket.
Don’t blame me; it is quite easy to forget that the IPL is about Cricket!  Look around..
Salman is at the opening ceremony so Shahrukh may not come… Kareena sizzles to Pyar ki pungi, Priyanka grabs eyeballs, and Amitabh reads poetry.  Models walk the ramp and parties get wild..
This surely sounds like a Filmfare or an IIFA to me
Katy Perry from the US was the biggest attraction.. That could have been the Grammys!!Oh for God’s sake!!  What does the US know about Cricket...? Couldn’t we find a star that actually knew what the game was all about?
70+ matches seriously? More like a film festival I must say...
The IPL, I feel has become embarrassing to like for serious cricket fans. This kind of instant gratification doesn’t go too well with them. There is too much non-sport going on. Shiny purple uniforms, thankfully the tuskers aren’t playing this time... Did you see their uniforms the last time? Getting back to the topic, Shiny uniforms, playing to the background score of Bollywood songs and Yes, those cheerleaders who have no idea what’s going on, True blue Cricket fans like my uncles and cousins try as hard as they may at some point get irritated at this spectacle. They like their gentlemen’s game as they curl up against their TV talking averages and techniques.
The IPL is more cricket training or to test waters whether you will go on to like the game well enough to endure larger series or just to end up as lip service Cricket fan!!
All aside, surely is a real boon to the many young aspirants, who work real hard for their day on the pitch.. A lot of young talent is nurtured and given a chance to shine.. Maybe, that’s something we need to thank the IPL for…
Well, whatever the reason, Sure is a lot of drama and a lot of fun!! And that’s something we in India can never stay away from for too long!!

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