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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Is that what you named me???? The Bachchan Saga

Even before she entered this world, there were odds on the gender, the date she would arrive. Rumours flooded that it was a boy, that he would arrive on 11.11.11 and some even said 11:11 am.
Proving many predictions wrong and breaking many a gambler’s wallet, she was born on 16.11.11.
Then the guesses were was whether she had her mom’s eyes and skin and what else... After all, she had the most beautiful woman in the world for a mom. She has a tulip named after her for god’s sake...
Man, all I can say is, “Baby, Good luck living through that hell “
The whole country then became an extended family and shortlisted names for her, Fun names, weird names and some plain ridiculous
But the Bachchan family kept making excuses, naming ceremony superstitions
They were scanning great-grandfathers poetry to pick out a name so it would like he named her….seriously, NAME HER ALREADY!!!!
 Almost four months the whole nation and maybe parts of the neighbouring ones waited for the name to be announced, it finally came through. She is Aaradhya - to be worshipped.
My first thought was, they were playing a prank. A day later Ash would giggle in her signature giggle and say, “OMG!! Did you really believe that’s her real name”? And then they would come up with the real angelic name.
Sadly for me that didn’t happen. Looks like this is it... She IS Aaradhya. While I have no doubt that the little bundle of joy that has no idea what her name is or why the whole nation wants to have their two bit contribution, is fit enough to be worshipped, at least till now, I can’t seem to wrap my head around her name   
While reading through so much poetry to find a name, did they forget it was a girl, this is a BOY name... for crying out loud!! OK! Unisex name.. Let me give them that much. But WHY! Is there a dearth of beautiful girl names?
To add to it, it is also a south Indian surname, which is like calling her “Kapoor Bachchan”. And Aishwarya herself is South Indian... Isn’t she!! She would have to have known that!!  But then, she is the obedient bahu.
I am suspecting that Bachchan Super senior was not informed that he had the responsibility of writing his great grand daughter’s name in a poem before he died, else he would have done better. So there I blame him!!!
In all this denial to accept that a future Miss World has a boy name, I forgot to add, yes! I had my name for her too, no point now!! 

Aaradhya, if you want to change your name someday, Give me a call honey!!

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