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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Sportsmanship spirit must prevail haigh amidst all odd situations

     I am a fan of strategy games and enjoy playing tabletop war games, so this article is mostly written about that genre of sportsman ship but likely applies to many if all areas where sportsmanship is considered. Sportsmanship is a huge part of how a game is played and can affect how the enjoyability of the game for both you and your opponent, it can determine how likely you are to get repeat matches, and it can even effect how well you perform at a game.

     The old saying goes “no body likes a sore loser” and it is very true while analysing sportsmanship around you. Nothing ruins a game faster then a sore loser. It should be said that I lose a lot and I win a lot. When I’m losing I do my best to keep my head in the game and try to turn it around to a victory but if thats not possible I make sure I let my opponent enjoy there good fortune. When I’m winning I like the same courtesy.

     What are some thing to avoid keeping high sportsmanship morales:
When Losing
1) getting mad at the dice and blaming them for your loss(other piece of equipment). It’s insulting to your opponent. Even if you are rolling poorly or your equipment is faulty you can learn to use what you have. And strategy games I have seen games players with the worst dice rolls win unbelievable victories because of the way they played. If your opponent is beating you don’t steal that away from them by blaming your equipment.
2) Keep a good attitude is the most vital sportsmanship element. It is very hard to want to play a game when your opponent is not enjoying themselves. Instead of enjoy your success you feel bad or awkward.
3) Don’t just give up. This is twofold. Unless you plan on an immediate rematch (with cheerful demeanor) don’t just forfeit because things didn’t go well for you, let your opponent enjoy their victory you’d want the same. Second don’t say things like “well I can’t win now that that happened. Your opponent just did something cool “mourn” your lose and try to win anyway or at least enjoy losing.
4) Don’t throw a temper tantrum, really against sportsmanship manners. You may get punched out, and definitely won’t be asked to play more games.

When Winning @sportsmanship on peak:
1) Don’t Gloat. Enjoy your victory but don’t rub it in.
2) Win gracefully. Don’t say it was because your opponent is a terrible player.
3) Offer a rematch in the future so your opponent has a chance to get there pride back.
4) If you were losing and had a bad attitude about it and them started winning, cheer up and enjoy it.

     Chance are if you were a bad sport it was no fun to play against you. Winning felt like you did something mean, or losing felt like you were stupid. If thats the case don’t be surprised if you don’t get asked to play again or often being true to your sportsmanship. Even if you’re not the best player if it is fun to play against you you can be sure you’ll get asked to play more and more games.

     You may not think so but sportsman ship will actually affect how well you play. If you are positive and a good sport when you play your games you are more likely to do well. If you are negative about the game and are a poor sport you are more likely to do poorly. When you decide that you have lost, you are more likely to make mistake miss opportunities and not play as hard. Well it may happen hurting your sportsmanship but combat such mood is the real good thing. In short you will not try to win and will probably loss just from a lack of trying. If you are positive though you can turn even the worst situation around because you’ll be looking for areas to exploits ways to make your opponent over confident and more. Also your less likely to learn from a game you had a bad attitude about. This means you will not improve much if at all. A good sportsmanship attitude finds pleasure even in a losing situation.

The above thought on sportsmanship is mostly in context of a bad mood, it’s okay to acknowledge a poor decision or bad dice roll, but in good spirits. After the game talk about what went good and what went bad. Learn from the good and the bad and you’ll be a better player next time. And always shake hands after!

Well how you find your own story on sportsmanship even if you are not in sports? After all every action in life is some sort of play.

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