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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Becoming an IITian is the ultimate goal or means to a higher end?!!

The educational supremacy has finer and intricate elements too. The ultimate in education for any branch of education, Indian Institute of Technology is one of the most privileged institutions, not only in India but also recognized by the rest of the world.

The mere mention of the word ‘IIT’ draws awe-stricken responses and even visiting the institute once has its own importance to any person who values education. Hence it’s beyond any doubt that graduating from, rather, gaining an admission into an IIT makes proud not only the person himself and his parents, but also any other person associated with him in any way.

Becoming an IITian is indeed something to be very happy about, but the underlying issue, often forgotten after the achievement, is the stress that the student has gone through in order to achieve this. The complicated facades of educational helm has pinching inner problems too which were rare in discussion online.

The hidden dimensions of becoming an IITian requires elaborate research involving mass.

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