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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Driving a rally car is quite possible, Top inspirational tips

Competing in any kind of Motorsport demands something more than just typical skills that let you drive from A to B. This “something” I would call a talent, a gift and this enables to instinctively use sophisticated driving techniques that in the end make difference between rookie and professional driver, a champion.

To be successful in world rally championship, being competitive on varied road surfaces and in various weather conditions you need to possess all the needed skills, feeling, instinct, understanding of a driven vehicle’s reactions and physics.

Is child prodigy in rally car driving? Guess what. You might not believe me or laugh at me but one day in the past a guy who was responsible for some very realistic (as far as physics is concerned) rally simulator in a shopping center told me that he had been a witness as a young, about 4 years old girl had driven that simulator for the first time and had made the best time which nobody had managed to beat.

The real story that was a very complicated simulator with a steering wheel, brakes and throttle pedals and it wasn't destined to be sold for public. So that the girl couldn't been had trained before.

Who knows, maybe that guy had met new Jutta Kleinschmidt or Lisa Kelly? I couldn't believe but I think it is a proof that a genius, a champion doesn't need a lot of training, practice, theory, advice, trial.

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