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Monday, January 18, 2016

Thinking Beyond the Joy of Having a Cat and a Dog in Your Family

This story of my creative friend in her word describing the important member of her family.
Have you considered getting a kitty? Are you stressed that you already have an adult dog and you are afraid that they won’t get along? Do not worry. Even if the cat is not the dog’s best friend they will arrive to be even friends, if you are patient.

I will tell you a story about my dog and my cats (I have three of them). Sara, my dog is the oldest. The first cat to arrive in my house was Catalin. I took him from my grandmother, from the country side. The cat rapidly accommodated, but we couldn’t get him to go outside. So, he always stays inside. First time that Sara saw him, she was very curious and wanted to play, because she was only two years old. Sadly, Sara had only managed to sniff Catalin and he started to scratch and bite her, then he hided under the bed.

Only after a while, after my dog realized that she was bigger did she show who the boss was. Of course the cat was smart enough and he never happened anything. They are not friends. Not even after 4 years, but they respect each other.

When we decided to adopt our second cat, male also- Aschiuta, he was very young. We brought him when he was only 10 days. I remember that I was holding him in one hand, and I gave the hand to Sara to sniff, knowing that she wouldn’t do anything to him. Not at this moment can I believe what happened. The cat looked at Sara for a second and then started to purr and he let Sara to wash him. Since that day, Aschiuta truly believes that Sara is his mother and he only listens to her.

I have told you this story so that you can understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, if you want to raise both cats and dogs. Even if, depending on your pets’ personality, it can be a little difficult at the beginning, you will see that they will become friends before you know it.

The first thing you should do when bringing the kitty to your house, is to put her where she will stay. Put her in a different room that where the dog is staying, and stay there with her, after installing her a basket where she will sleep and some food and water. Then go to the dog and give your hands to smell the place where the cat was, so that he could become familiar with it. On the second day, put him in leash and present the kitty to him. If he doesn’t bark, and he is just curious, praise him and give him treats, and gently approach the cat to him. Then, bring the cat back to her place. It is enough for the first day. You have to make sure that, no matter how well your pets will get along, never to let your dog’s food where it could be accessed by the cat. They are still animals and the dog knows he has the supremacy in your house. If you do all that, I guarantee you will have a happy house full of love and protection, next to your furry friends.

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