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Friday, May 13, 2016

The roaring lioness Aarfa Pass or Fail in Eid 2016?

Real Anushka Sharma Reel Aarfa both are on acid test to decide the tradition and trend of India

Last time I wrote about the 'Who is Aarfa' but this time you must realize the roar factor of Haryana in the reel wrestler showing real woman Anushka Sharma who is quite junior to Salman Khan.

Is this movie going a tough wrestling for real actor and actress? Just like the contest shown in both the teasers of Sultan must be strategically devoted to male and female protagonists.

Anushka Sharma has strong lineup of characters with mettle of impact. The Aarfa factor has been reflected in Anushka's past movie and I have mentioned one</> Matroo Mandola too.

Anushka Sharma Salman Khan both are reel wrestler exposing to public on Eid 2016 but the comparison of real fight has automatically started in gossip writers and public both with equal speeds.

The Aarfa introductory Yrf teaser2 has been postmartemed scene by scene indicating Anushka in Solid Takkar with Salman Khan by writer Karthika.Raveendran and few more gossipers but does it really such kind of competition? Or just professional promotion tactics?

Just for the sake of data as of now the Youtube videos response given below -

Sultan Teaser 1 Published on Apr 11, 2016: 17,044,234 views, 122,325 like and 12,560 dislike
Aarfa Teaser 2 Published on Apr 30, 2016: 5,670,474 views, 33,401 likes against 3,464 dislike

Whatever be the inside Khichadi with Anushka Salman but this Eid 2016 is going to present very talented acting performers in unique and entertaining inspiration to Kushti The Wrestling sport which is real welcome factor.

The soilly sport movie Sultan with Aarfa is surely direct or indirect tribute to wrestler girls like Geeta Phogat.

Are you watching Geet Phogat Biopic in Aarfa's Sultan movie?

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