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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pictures speak to you in comics and you live in their world

They say "Comic Books And Its Impact On Our Children", I say "Whats On You"
Interesting pictures called cartoon based stories impress all, kids to vets equally.

We are all aware of comic books and comic characters, always found around every home for kids while elders too enjoying it

Have you ever felt the characters in comics have the ability to leave comic world and come to live with you in the real world?

For some folks who still don’t understand, a comics book is one in which the author, instead of writing a scene, draw a picture with all the character talking in bubbles. The main theme of reading a comic book, is to use imagination.

Instead of scene description, the details of scene are shown in picture, but imagination is to be used, to see comic hero doing what is impossible in real world, you feel it real within you and the impact is lasting.

What exactly is comics impact? Actually you have to start thinking the type of impacts.

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