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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Talk Badshah's Friends - I missed you…. My friend!!!!

Juiciest emperor friends chat - Shah Rukh Khan surely is the Badshah of Bollywood, for when he wants be your friend, you better will be. Unless of course you are Salman, then you tell him to “go, take a hike”...
 What else could be the reason behind Farah giggling like old girlfriends with Shah Rukh within two months after the actor slapped her husband in full public view?
Or maybe Farah is just a really good business woman, after a disaster like “Tees Maar Khan”... She really needs to prove herself.  Farah did break into the directorial mould with statements like, she wasn’t a woman director, she was just a director and how she believed in the OTT trends of the Bollywood.
 But, it took a while for the “director” to understand that for OTT to work baby, you need someone who is big enough to sell it or else it is just plain ridiculous. Can you imagine tolerating anyone other than Big B singing “Padosan apni murgi samhal, mera murga hua deewana”? It needs a certain confidence to sell nonsense.
Shah Rukh did apologise on t.v through his BFF’s chat show two years ago to all and sundry that it was entirely his fault if anyone was offended or angry with him. Farah then, I guess was way too confident about Tees Maar Khan and didn’t think she would need him again. Or maybe that’s what pregnancy hormones do that to you along with mood swings and to top it there were three buns in the oven, No wonder her intuitions went way –off radar.
So, after the Indian movie- goers were subjected to the terrible torturous movie that “Tees Maar Khan” was, and a social networking war that led to a public humiliation of her husband, Farah gave in.. After all, no one wants to be on the warring side of Shah Rukh, again, unless of course you are Salman. I mean, he can afford to… have you seen him??? And to add to it… he has the complete cast and crew for a complete movie including the “item girl” at home... WHY THE HELL DOES HE NEED TO BE SOCIAL TO ANYONE?
So now, we have a new movie announced, with the new best friends again… But Wait… Farah “isn’t this movie the same one that you wanted to make long long back, even before Main Hoon Na and isn’t the title registered to Red Chillies entertainment, which belongs to Shah Rukh?  Don’t Sue me.. I am just asking
Ok, OK... In her defence, Shah Rukh, insists that is a hit and continues to rattle of dialogues from DON (which were borrowed from the 70s original), what is he supposed to do, no one remembers anything from Don2 except a certain dusky Miss Universe…Guess we have to agree that Maybe a kiss and make-up with Farah is not completely for her benefit.
As long as I am speculating, is Priyanka the heroine of the newly announced movie?  Well, a darling that’s an all new discussion lets save it for another day!!!

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