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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Start your free month search puts Netflix on top

Are you ready to welcome Netflix arrival in India? Video streaming is now in your daily routine.

Netflix India has been launched. Just visit now the official website from any India location and you will land on with a large red button Start    Your Free Month    luring you to immediately  Sign In .

Watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere. Plans from Rs. 500 a month @Netflix - 

Well the punch line used is self explanatory, you have to put a monthly budget just like direct broadcast satellite television,, mobile phone, electricity bill or water bill like thing. One thing is sure, to be real global and online citizen with no boundaries, paid video streaming is real treat to watch those goodies which are otherwise not available to Indian population.

For the sake of hands on real time blogging, I am hitting the "your free month" red button to share the live experience here in India Gossip. After all streaming gossip is new taste to eyes and mind.

Here I have put the screen shot of the front page of Netflix India website for historical reasons, surely it gets changed with time and here only you can have the first looks archived.

Update#Feb07, 2016: The last day arrived and cancelling membership was a click operation. Immediately an email followed saying -

We're sorry to say goodbye
Dear Ashok,
As you requested, we've cancelled your Netflix Account. This change will be effective Monday, February 8, 2016.
If you’ve changed your mind and you would like to continue, simply visit the restart membership page at to enjoy TV shows & movies without interruption.
We hope you enjoyed the service – and we'd love to have you back someday.
–The Netflix Team

Now there are several questions -
- What happens to your payment info lying with Netflix idle? What is safety concern?
- Where is the famous Netflix Affiliate program?
- How about the quality with Indian Internet connections?

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