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Monday, April 11, 2016

What is Bhandara?

All Navratri celebration always accompany Bhandara for all who come to the festive place. Bhandara is not limited to Navratri festival, you can watch the sacred feast offering to every person at Sai Baba temples specially on Thursdays. So what exactly the Bhandara is?

Special kind of food or feast donation and offering is termed as Bhandara which is a Hindi word spelled भंडारा Devanagari. Just for reference Bhandara is name of district in Maharshtra state of India but here I meant Bhandara the free feast offering.

Bhandara is a unique special food or feast distribution to devotee and common people coming to the sacred place. Bhandara is religious tradition of food offering.

Now a days Bhandara also called Prasad offering on road side and religious places is very common and regular tradition, You can call Bhandara a new culture very much in fashion.

Bhandara tradition exists with different names in different religions of beliefs. Langar in Sikh Gurudwara also is Bhandara or Prasad.

What are global variants of Bhandara / Langar / Prasad found in cultures around world?

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