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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Miss Bose gone mad in love, Dev Shaheer Khan still unaware riding success waves

Episode 43 ends with Erica Fernandes accident in Kuchh Rang Ke Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
The life saving effort by Dev Dikshit ignites flames of one sided love
Dr. Sonakshi Bose couldn't say 'I love you', Natasha Gujral Enters in Scene of Episode 50 KRPKAB

Development of love in mind of highly self respecting girl is taking form of tsunami. Miss Bose is trying hard to say 'I love you' to Dev Dikshit who is at most important turning point of career with company merger deal in progress. Ishwari don't know corporate hassles but understands his son Dev is reaching new heights in business. Side by side Miss Bose still under recovery has joined the work and trying to convey her love feelings to Dev Dikshit. Every time her hesitation and external interruptions blocks her.

You have to watch the tv serial Kuchh Rang Ke Pyar Ke Aise Bhi for the exact feel of love in air and amusing love stricken Miss Bose when she couldn't express herself for wait for next chance.

KRPKAB is going through most romantic and thrilling phase with new actors Pawan Chopra and Roop Durgpal joining to add more strugling angles to further the love development. The whole episode reflects many times that it is very hard to crack the image developed as self respecting professional girl by herself. Every time if at all Dev Dikshit Shaheer Khan find some hints fails to grab it as usual Miss Bose behaviour.

A modern professional and straight forward girl Miss Bose also is going through all shy nitty witty girly situations keeping here one sided love at unknown distance.

Natasha Gujral has dramatic entry in the restaurant where Miss Boss has been managed alone with Dev Dikshit. Father Gujral (Pawan Chopra) introduces Natasha and Dev's complete attention shifted to her. The feel of abandoning mounts on Miss Bose leaving her to home without informing Dev Dikshit.

Let's watch what happens!!! How the one sided Sonakshi love gets stumbled on it's destination. The romance in KRPKAB is mesmerizing all to eagerly wait for next episodes.

The success of soap opera lies in whole family treating the story as if belonging to their own vicinity. Bijoye Bose, Ishwari Dikshit, Mama-Mami and now Gujrals are fourth family playing in KRPKAB. There is one more family passed with a single glimpse, for you to guess or recall.

Good amount of family portrayal dispersed equally in each episode is the glue factor of enjoyable romance for all ages.

One more thing keep returning here for my comments and gossip on fate of Miss Bose.

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