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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

IPL Match Expelled Out of Maharashtra: Bombay High Court Order

The latest decision of Bombay High Court made IPL Matches to be hosted out of Maharashtra due to acute water shortage resulting from severe Maharashtra Drought.

IPL matches are moved to other places after April 30, 2016, total 6 matches are still to be played in Maharashtra. The remaining 13 IPL matches have to be played out of Maharshtra state. IPL authority reaction is expected after release of court orders.

The water crisis in Maharashtra is affecting IPL matches and legal platform is used to sort the situation out.

What will be the effect of ban on IPL matches in Maharashtra state? The comment of Mumabi High Court regarding water used in pitches is “People don’t get water in Marathwada for three to four days. This is a criminal waste”.

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