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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What is Copyright Seminar?

The simple and straight answer is a seminar dealing with copyright. Ravishankar University organise copyright seminar regularly.

Copyright seminar is popular all over world with all types of universities. Goggle search spills thousands of reports indicating copyright seminar in assorted topics.

Intellectual property is also equally important issue in copyright seminars.

The main highlights of Ravishankar University Copyright Seminar hosted by Public Outreach Center is TED speaker Dr, Raju Narayan Swami, an Indian Administrative Officer currently serving government of Keral.

The UPSC Civil Service IAS Topper 1990 batch is keynote speaker of Ravishankar University Copyright Seminar held at CV Raman Hall.

Why dignitaries and expert come forwards to talk publicly in university seminar on issues like copyright?

Mass is still unaware of copyright and the losses related to it.

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