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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The story on 'Pets also get depressed' is simply unbelievable

Have you ever taken seriously the "Depression in Dogs" just like your own?

Though some pet owners are not aware of the fact, dogs, just like human beings, are subject to bouts of depression. When this is the case, they get sad, inactive, refuse to eat and drink very little water. Your otherwise cheerful friend may also lose all interest in playing.

The reasons for this depression can be manifold. It may be a biological problem that needs medication, or it may be change of location or even weather. They are also very susceptible to grief, especially if they lose a playmate.

If you notice that something is making your furry friend anxious and troubled, in order to help him, first visit the vet, who may order some blood tests to diagnose any malady. If it is a problem that can be treated with drugs, your dog will be his normal happy self again very soon.

However, if the causes are psychological, the use of anti-depressants may be directed by your vet. Another way to alleviate bouts of sadness is play. All dogs love to play, and in case yours is not willing to play, something is wrong. An increase in the level of activity of the dog will certainly be a help. You can also arrange playdates with other dogs – take him to a park where he can meet other dogs, and he might gradually want to join all the fun! He may be shy, but that is no reason to give up. You should ask for the advice of a dog trainer to learn how to initiate games with your dog.

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