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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sherlyn Chopra Internet India Star

Sherlyn Chopra is online hot mob generator, favourite Internet star of India. Who says so? I sway its not an Indian gossip, It is the holy verdict of media mogul Times Of India, you can read Sherlyn Chopra’s story TOI story (It will open in new window and then come back to read the rest).
Let us explore how many Sherlyn Chopra websites are in air. Is there any Sherlyn Chopra official one? Yes it is there The Offical Sherlyn Chopra Sitewith Talk To Me and free exclusive fan member facility which offers as given in the site
Be the one to get Sherlyn Chopra’s Exclusive Wallpapers, Ringtones and Special Offers in SC Store & Discussion Forum.
Currently on 15 April 2009 there is 895 fan members showing. Crazy fans like to purchase “Sherlyn Chopra’s Official ‘Bikini’ 2009 Calendar” direct from the “Sherlyn Chopra Official Online Merchandise – SC Store” you can do so just @ $22 each (Shipping Worldwide). Why not have alook at the calender available online?

Curious to know the lucky web developer of Sherlyn Chopra Portal, Shanti Technologies aka STech is the workforce to power it.
There is a fan site claiming three names Mona Chopra, Sherlyn and Menka are of one person Sherlyn Chopra. There is one more fan along with a huge list of Sherlyn Chopra web pages devoted to her.
At last the link to Sherlyn Chopra photos at TOI to watch.

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