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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The growing art of Azaleas and caring for little ones are the same thing

Knowing the growing of Rose in hands for loved ones don't require Horticulture scientist, You can do it on your own.

Azalea or Rhododendron (literally, 'rose tree') is a woody plant with vibrant showy flowers, and certainly a charming addition to a garden. A vigorous plant will not fall prey to insects or diseases.

To ensure that your azalea does well, keep the following things in mind:
Azalea prefer mild sunshine. Morning sun does them good, but they need to be protected from the hot midday sun. However, some deciduous varieties thrive in the hot sun. Shade must not be complete – let some light filter through to the plants.

A mildly acidic soil is required, so do not use lime or fresh manures. A pH of 5.0 to 5.5 should be best. Try to provide acidic soil through organic means, such as pine needles. Azalea should not be planted in cement pots, as this makes the soil alkaline in nature.

Provide good drainage to Azalea, as water-logging will damage the delicate roots of the plants. Check your flowerbeds for drainage, and if it is not good enough, install drainage system. Azalea should never be planted too deep.

Mulching is a must for these plants, as their roots are always shallow and lose moisture easily. Pine needles are found to be exceptionally suited for mulching azalea. Do not make the layer of mulch overly thick, but add new matter as the old one decomposes.

The plants need to be protected from the wind, especially from dry winds. In the absence of shelter from the wind, the bark may crack and the leaves may also be damaged.

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