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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rise of Gaurav S Bajaj in TV Entertainment Industry

Just remember the shot in which a lady is asking for overnite divorce claiming his hubby is going abroad for three months. Smart yong man listens patiently and replies affirmatively. The divorce seeking lady has sat in her car and warns from window “Mr. Patvardhan Please never marry in life”. The efficient divorce arranger is Daksh Patwardhan replying “Yes I will not marry”. The rise of TV star started in 2010 and gathered limelight during two years of airing of the show.

The role of Daksh Patwardhan became the starting point for Gaurav S Bajaj in Star show Sapno Se Bhare Naina for the young artist of TV Channels.

What were the peculiariaties of character Daksh Patwardhan developing a long lasting impact in viewers mind generating startdom for Gaurav S Bajaj? Let's discuss few of the finer points of main protagonist in Sapno Se Bhare Naina.

Mother lover Daksh Patwardhan is very reserved person when you want to hear lot of words. The story  background fits him in  Maharashtrian family some what rich and strict in cultural values. Mom is major influencer in life of Daksh Patwardhan well portrayed by new actor Gpurav S Bajaj but the show projects him as strong personality of house hold. Family members perform extra care while talking to Daksh Patwardhan, you can call it honour mixed fear or usual repercussions due to his behavioural sternness.

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