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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The age guesser tradition now comes in online world with websites and apps

The age guessing business exists for ages finding new face with advent of online technology.

Why at all discuss “Can Age Spot predict your age” which is common curious story with almost all persons?
You must find “age guesser” around you in one or other form, kind of soul telling about the length of life. There are small time business operators narrating your age for little price. Fair ground also have age games for prediction associated with some kind of bounty.

The surface of the skin on your hand speaks more than your face or color of your hair.
Do you know what “liver spots” mean? This is said to be an age spot where most people get affected by it at some period of their life span. This usually appear to be in flat patches on the face, arms and even on the back side of your hand due to increased pigmentation. The size of this liver spot appears to be several inches across. Do these age spot could pain your skin?. The answer is NO!. These age spots or liver spots  are harmless but you will be annoyed to see if it appear on your body as it can’t be removed completely from your body if the size of the age spots become a very huge one.

Are there any techniques to prevent these age spots completely from your body. Well, there are certain ways to make them less noticeable but you cannot prevent or remove the age spots completely from the surface of your body skin. Let us now discuss some of the tips that need to be followed for making the age spot less noticeable. The first step is to use bleaching creams on the age spot area. Preparing bleaching solution is very simple and it doesn’t take much of your time for its preparation. It will be better if you could prepare bleaching solution of your own. Simply just squeeze the juice from lemon and apply this juice at the area of age spot by gently rubbing the age spot skin surface with a cotton swab. Doing this technique thrice a day for up to two months will lighten or make the small age spots to disappear.  Do have plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin E foods as these vitamins are antioxidants which fight against age spots. These antioxidants help the harmful oxygen molecules to neutralize which could damage the cells thought out the surface of skin.

Even if the age spots are harmless, any new growth should be checked by a doctor to ensure that it doesn’t give rise to skin cancer. If the shape or size of spot changes and if the growth bleeds, then immediately you need to consult a skin doctor to easily remove the pain at its starting period of time or otherwise it could lead to dangerous complications in the future like skin cancer disease.

Try not to get exposed to even in sunlight especially between 10am to 2pm. This is because ultraviolet rays of the sun cause permanent changes in the natural pigmentation of your skin. Use moisturizing sunscreens after having a morning bath which will help to retain moisture in your skin to have a healthy glow.

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