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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Driving a car means using all of our senses to control the movement in all directions

The pleasure of vehicular movement involves steering wheel, clutch, brakes, throttle pedals and gear stick to accomplish controlled navigation to reach a destination.

One more kind of driving also exists, carrying other people to desired locations using the same or advance kind of tools.

Sometimes handbrake lever is useful as well. Normal procedure means that you get into a car, sit on a chair, set your mirrors up, fasten your seatbelt, push the clutch pedal to the metal, check if the gear stick is in neutral position and you can start the engine by moving your car keys. For some people this moment is amazing and they feel a shiver down their back as if a new life has just been born ready to go, be unleashed. You put first gear with your gear lever, release the clutch and you feel that this being starts to move. It’s all up to your senses, up to You to control this thing, to unleash it, order it to do exactly what You want. You hear the engine and if it’s too loud (meaning that there are too many rpms) you once again push the clutch pedal, change gear, drop the clutch and admire through your side windows that everything starts to move even faster. Following this instructions and switching up to fifth gear in relevant conditions you can accelerate your vehicle to maximum speed and feel that You are the God, You are in control. But the pain of life means that you don’t have a possibility to feel that for too long and need to lose the speed by pushing your brakes pedal. I mentioned about the handbrake lever as well. It is necessary to use that in some situations for example if you stop your cat at the traffic lights waiting for the green light and finding yourself up a hill. You have to switch into neutral and pull your handbrake lever so that the engine still can work while the car stops safely. When the light switches into green you quickly push the clutch, change into first gear, have your right foot on the throttle pedal and then quickly and in one moment (what is really crucial) you release the clutch, push the throttle pedal, release the handbrake lever so that your car safely starts up a hill with no danger of going back and hitting the car behind.

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