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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pre-Thinking Uniqueness of Indian Identity for Online

Despite all the ills which afflict India, a vast majority of Indians take immense pride in what India has achieved since Independence. It is this pride that makes Indians hold their heads high, the unique identity regarded all over world. Even to be cog in the giant wheel which is India, enhances the dignity of every citizen.

The uniqueness identity of administrators - Successive Union and state government have, time and again been accused of misutilizing resources and bring out economic imbalances and highly skewed development by engendering corny capitalism. The targeted beneficiaries of Social-economy programmes covering  health, education, employment, etc. remains bereft of there entitlements, because the benefits meant for the entitled section have been misappropriated by those charge with managing such schemes. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is the most visible and latest example of such fraud.

The absence of an identity of citizen along with their social-economic and bio-metric details, which demographically classify in them in terms of their education, income and other important variables, discard the fundamental which determine citizen needs what resources in what magnitude. The absence of these inputs brings about an erroneous demographic profile and replace priorities and administrative efforts for bringing forth social changes which certainly need unique identity.

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