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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Iulia Vantur accompanying Salma in airport has created Tsunami in gossip world

Knowing Vantur Iulia and whispered celebrity reactions due to Salman Khan connection

Romanian TV Personality & Hindi Movie Star Iulia Vântur

What is the relation between Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan? Why gossip mill has activated grapevine churning out tons of news, views and speculation.

Iulia Vantur came from Romania, ventured in O Teri Hindi movie item song Ummbakkum and treated as would be Indian Bahu to Salaman Khan when a single hint is sparkled publicly with super star's candid act. One thing is for sure Iulia Vântur spents good amount of time with most eligible star's family too.

The Romanian language Wiki page of Iulia Vântur mentions her relation with our very own Salman Khan and Singer Composer Marius Moga of her own nation Romania. BTW My love for Romania started with  Iulia Vântur doing an item song in Indian movie. When you hear, may be rumour / gossip, a Romanian glamor girl is being treated as love / life partner with Salim-Salma' son Salman Khan The Super heat-throbe-broke Star then you naturally start looking the food, culture, entertainment and all things of the nation she belongs. You automatically get connected with the country (here Romania of Iulia Vântur).

The whole drama was staged in gossip world with Indian Express news pics slideshow sourced by Varindar Chawla, an Indian Film Industry and Media Photographer who has not updated his Twitter wall for whole year. Iulia Vântur Tsunami is treated in their own by all, like me too, writing this Salman Khan Love Romance Break-up Tie-up and so on... story. Anyways Salman, Salma, Iulia, Alvira and many more associates were returning from Punjab shooting of Kushti movie Sultan and airport sighting of mother Salma being helped by Iulia covered in pics sparkled the Salman-Iulia wedding fire.

Examining the complete Salman Affairs seems demand of the moment, let's have a look on Iulia Vântur & Salman Khan episode from all possible dimensions (and you are free to your own too)

Dirty things in online media: Social network Instagram allows comment and love on Iulia Vântur page (vanturiulia) and some is abusing badly the system and verbally too the guest girl. Very wrong!!! Everyone watching hate comments must report abuse. I use the Instagram @Desktop, it has not visible comment abuse report but I have put my reaction on the latest post there.
Girls & Women Crying: Don't do please!!! Mary some one local!!! As seen in online comments @various locations and some random reaction from locals too when questioning directly.
Salman Khan Fans Approving Iulia Vântur Too: The real 'jabra' fan are happy with the relation too.
Sultan Promotion Otherway: Is it gossiping deliberately poured in otherwise innocent act of Iulia Vantur supporting an old woman in airport?

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