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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knit Stuffed Animal and Many More Finds Live Shapes in Amigurumi The Creature Art Form

This is the Japanese art of making small stuffed toys. The word comes from a combination of two words, ami and nuigurumi, and this literally means 'crocheted or knitted stuffed toy'. They are typically crocheted or knitted using colourful yarn, and cuteness (Japanese kawaii) is the element that is most looked for in them, and is achieved through the use of very large eyes, sweet mouths etc.

Most amigurumi is in the form of animals, but keeping in sync with Japanese culture, it can also be in the shape of inanimate objects that have been given a personality.

They may be used as children's toys, but collecting of amigurumi was all the rage on the internet a few years ago, and they were bought in massive quantities from online shops that offer handmade products.

These toys are knit in rounds without joining, so that different rounds cannot be distinguished from each other. In crochet, the double crochet stitch (according to crochet terminology in the U.K.) is used. They are to be made in very tight spirals, so that the stuffing inside does not show through any gaps in the work. While working amigurumi, it is important to keep track of stitches, as there are many increases and decreases involved. So, along with crochet hooks and double pointed needles, one also needs stitch markers, though a scrap of yarn serves the purpose equally well.

Embroidery, buttons and beads are used to provide facial features to these toys, which come with heads that are rather large in proportion to their bodies. Various embellishments are also added by way of detail.

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