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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Art of caring for watercolour brushes is unknown dimension attached to artists life

If you want to take seriously to painting, either as a hobby or a profession, it would be best to spend freely yet wisely on your supplies. The choice of paper, pigments, brushes etc. definitely has noticeable impact on the final outcome, and you should also be comfortable with the supplies you use. We will talk here about watercolour brushes.

Watercolour brushes consist of delicate hair – whether natural or synthetic, string, a handle made of wood and a metal ferule that holds the hair together. Perhaps you have already experienced that carelessness damages brushes easily!

The easiest way to damage a brush is using it to apply masks. Masking fluid tends to harden to a horrid texture and consequently, the brush nearly always has to be sacrificed.
Also make sure that you never leave your brush standing with its tip in water. This bends the hair and spoils its shape. Lay the brush on a flat surface instead.
Leaving your brush wet for long periods of time will also be harmful. This might cause the resin glue that holds the ferule and handle together to get soaked, and might also cause the wood to get cracked.

To clean your brushes, use lukewarm water and very gentle cleansers. This is to ensure that the hair do not lose the natural oils which give them their texture. To dry your brushes, lay them flat, or if possible, hang them so that the water flows away from the handle. come with heads that are rather large in proportion to their bodies. Various embellishments are also added by way of detail.

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