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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Big question for the ladies who do the work and maintain the home as well

A ladies question: How to Balance Between Work and Home - They have to do the multitasking like the job, home, kids and themselves. This is a tough job for them. They have to be really organized and maintained so that there should not be any cracks in between. Here we will discuss this factor in detail. Women are meant to be the homemakers. They used to maintain the house and also take proper care of their kids. If she is working, she has to depend on some maid for the house work. But no one can replace a mother. The women have to balance between the homes and work properly so that none of them get mingled up.

There are the basic steps which can help her to be motivated and organize their home also: 
• Make a schedule – there should be a proper schedule in the house maintained by the women only. She can adjust the timing for all the work so that the work can be distributed properly. 
• Plan the time – there should be proper planning of the time. The whole day has to be fixed according to plan and all the family members have to follow it. 
• Take breaks – the regular breaks are also important for the lady. In this time she can relax, play with the kids, or can keep her time private. 
• Don’t expect perfection – perfection in every work is not important. The basic thing is that the work is going in a right way. If any work don’t go perfect then not at all take stress but just think “tomorrow will be a new beginning” 
• Manage your stress – There can be your work stress or home stress. Try to keep them aside. Just manage your stress by trying some meditation. For managing your stress keep some time for yourself. Go to the swimming, dancing or any relaxing thing you like. 
• Have positive attitude – by having positive attitude you can be the idol for your children and also you will feel good. Have the attitude “I can do it” and you will feel good. Also tell your child to be happy and out of stress.

These are the basic steps which will surely help the working women to manage the home in a healthy way. It is the old saying that ‘the women meant to stay at home’. But now it’s not true. The woman is very powerful. She can maintain the home and office as well in a proper way. In fact if the woman is working, she will have the knowledge of everything. She can learn new thing and always get updated about what is happening around. Also the people’s mentality is getting changed. They are giving the chance to the women and women are also taking the full advantage of these opportunities. 

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