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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Weight Gain Weight Loss vicious cycle is responding to human nature

All of us, who have gained weight during their lifetime, know just how slippery the path to maintaining a slim frame is. Almost everybody is today obsessed with having an enviable body. It is a great confidence booster and all of us seem to want to be fit and healthy. We try everything to lose that extra flab – pound the treadmill, sign up for diet plans, try our hand at yoga and if we can afford it maybe hire a personal trainer too. Are you sensing the gain-loss vicious cycle in making? We join slimming centers, go to dieticians and possibly try all the diet fads. We make all or some of these efforts to terminate the plus-minus vicious cycle, we begin to lose weight but the moment we slacken, all of it slowly creeps back on our frame. The major reason for lapses is that these regimens are difficult to adhere to. You lose some weight but it is all very taxing both for your mind and body.

The problem with most exercise regimens is that they are very tiring and after some time tend to get repetitive. The effects are also not as drastic as we would have liked them to be. This becomes a huge deterrent and in the end de-motivates us. Lets have a look on the start vicious cycle. When we lose some weight, the euphoria causes us to slacken our exercise resolve. We slacken our commitment and slowly all the weight creeps back on our frames. The best way to keep our interest alive in exercise is to make it a mix of things we like to do. It could be a mix of walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, and aerobics over a period of time this helps to break the monotony and is thus easier to follow.

The next most popular way to losing weight is dieting. With today’s awareness levels all of us have some rough idea of foods to avoid. Yet, we have long been conditioned to viewing the fattening foods as an idea of great food. All that is recommended as part of a diet are therefore foods we have never considered “desirable”. Hence, the difficulty in sticking to these diets. At this moment you must keep recalling the next part of vicious cycle, the gain. Moreover, if your diet chart has been given by a slim dietician, you often wonder if she/he has ever known what it feels like to be fat. They possibly have never had to stick to such a boring eating pattern. We tend to cheat the moment we begin to lose some weight because of the diet plan. The best diet plan is therefore the one that is closest to your liking and yet effective. If it is a diet plan that is not completely alien to you, the chances of its succeeding are that much higher.

The best way to get out of the vicious cycle or circle of weight gain-weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. That is easier said than done. The best way to ensure this is to follow a healthy diet plan (as close as feasible to your natural one) and to restrict your exercises to the ones that you find interesting.

The final conclusion is to get hold on the start and end point of weight gain and loss vicious cycle well before the turning point. If you guess just before your weight gain stage and act accordingly, you are sure winner to hit the evil.

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