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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Basic elements of the Greek approach to life

Greek life style relies all around loved ones, chapelry and patriotism. They’re proudly devoted to their nation, which is certainly attributed to the trials and difficulties of consecutive commanders, invasions and conflicts, even though it occasionally contributes to mistrust to other ethnicities, taking into consideration their own background it’s not at all unusual that many people today think that way. Nevertheless, patriotism shouldn’t be muddled with racism. The majority of Greek people are good, generous, helpful and very hospitable. This is probably a result of the significant position that Greek Orthodox Church had in the Greek community’s everyday life. Whenever the nation has been under foreign regulation, church played the role of the mother of the nation, reminding them the strong bonds that united them. Even nowadays, Greek family is based on the female member of the household, even though men like to believe the opposite and usually prefer to relax in coffee shops, talking about subjects of general interest. Contrary to several nations within Europe, the young male and female members of the household can continue staying at home until the time they are engaged to be married. The only time they “take a break” from their devoted and loving mother, is when they settle to another city in order to complete their university education or -for the boys- join the army. Greek mothers are boastful of their own capability to take care of their loved ones, even when their children are about to retire!! However, the most well-known element of Greek lifestyle is their capacity to celebrate and have fun. Before economic crisis made its appearance, Greeks used to hanging out every single night, from the early evening hours until the rising of the sun. That’s why sunglasses are their favorite accessory and is also one of the main reasons why foreigners visit Greece! However, this advantage has, lately a negative aspect as far as foreigners are concerned. Several summer visitors tend to take advantage of the fact that they are free to drink until they get drowned, are free to celebrate even on the street all night, but the worst part of is that they tend to walk naked and participate in sexual intercourses, offending public decency. So, we come to the conclusion that disobedience to the rules is not only a Greek characteristic, but a human one.

In general, Greek people like to make the most of every moment, are passionate and always bright and breezy! This can be easily seen throughout their fests, local dances and, of course, through their strong family bonds. A very good occasion to find this out, can be during the family’s afternoon walk around the blocks and coastal roads, the moment family members, older and younger walk next to each other, embracing and making jokes, when the elderly are having a little chit chat about everything that goes around, while younger men are checking out even the female cat that passes by, and pretty girls are walking with an indifferent, yet extremely made -up, eye.

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