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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is education system? Public tutoring in organised way is ancient practice

Knowledge is bliss pondering over civilization even before human inception

Life without knowledge is like a barren land on which nothing can grow. Imparting knowledge is the best way in which a person can pass its skills, customs and values from one generation to another. The knowledge is spread among many with the help of an education system. An education system consists of a teacher, student, content of the subject being taught and context subsystem. Education system varies from place to place. The education system in India is quite different from that in America or Britain. However, the basic of any education system remains the same, that is, all the education system will have teachers, students, and content and subsystem context.

Teacher in an education system is the one who guides the others in their way of learning. Learning is a continuous process and everyone contributes to the learning of others. Right education is the only way to make people civilized and polite. A student is one who learns. In my view everyone in this world is a student as we keep learning every day. Student is one who needs guidance from their teacher to learn. Content in an education system is that which the student needs to learn whereas context is the setting in which one learns these contents.

While the basic of an education system remains same the content and the context always changes based on the place. The education system in India may not be similar to the one in USA or UK. Even in the same country the education system varies between the states.

The education system in India is much disciplined and well regulated. It is made compulsory from the government to give education to all children up to the age of 14. In India you can find two types of schools and colleges that is government or government funded schools and colleges and private schools and colleges. The schools provide a well-disciplined environment to learn. This makes students well-disciplined and dedicated towards their studies. Parents in India are very much concerned about their children’s education and make all the efforts to provide them the best possible education.
The educational system in India is considered one of the best in the world. This is proved by the fact that about 38% of the doctors in USA are Indians, same follows for other sectors like 12% of the scientists and 36% of the NASA employees are Indians. The educational structure in India is such that it starts from pre-school level and goes up to post doctoral degree. A study made in India showed some 7,40,000 schools with 3.6 million teachers to guide the students. We in India have about 175 universities which provide graduate and post-graduation courses and it does not stop here, affiliated to these universities are more than 6000 colleges.

The educational pattern followed in India is 10+2+3 which means here it is mandatory to have 10 years of formal education which provides them general education on all the subjects after which one qualifies for higher secondary or +2. In these two years of education the student are given the liberty to choose their subject of interest which will continue to be a part of their graduation and post-graduation courses. In +3 stage or also called the graduation stage the student specializes in their subject of interest. The mission and vision of the educational system in India is to provide all round development of the students so that they can excel in their career and life.

Today the Indian education system is lauded world over and most of the Universities in India has collaborated with the leading counterparts world over. Thus, it is now possible to give Indian students the education which is of international level without going out from the country. The present system of education in India has inspired the students all over the world and many of them prefer coming to India for their higher studies. Today in India we see large number of foreign students coming to India for studies. The main aim of any institution in India is to provide the student with knowledge and power to excel in whatever they do.

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