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Sunday, April 27, 2014

India's most convincing 'The izzat' factor is appealing force in Uttarakhand board during 2014 valuation

The Hindi movies used to have very famous world The Ijjat, also spelled as Izzat used in sensitive conetxt some thing like "Please don't play with my izzat, I pray with folded hands". It was tale of bygone era in Hindi cinema but.the same spirit is prevalent in Uttarakhand board exam takers as reported by Hindi daily Jagran. Well I think it must the same story in various versions around almost all board exams of India.

The Uttarakhand board exam valuator must have faced tough time controlling their emotions while inking the marks in answer sheets. The izzat story circulating in answer sheets might include many colors and flavors except the quality in answering the exam question thrown in plain Hindi.

So exam takers of Uttarakhand board along with those appearing in any kind of exam in India please be focused on the subject and try to answer the subject question. There must be positive result for you waiting...

If you have read Dushyant Kumar - Hey friends why not toss a stone by heart...

(BTW just for mention Izzat means Honor / Respect / Reputation)

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