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Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian Marriage Act Revision Being Considered, Colonial Rules Still Prevalent

India is thinking to promote marriage registration aka Vivah Panjiyan Waiting registration in India is still rarely practised Indian People performed marriages adopting custom rituals but the most important Indian marriage scene governed by Marriages Act called in Hindi Vivah Adhiniyam.

The Provision of Sikh Marriages can be done is the main reason of revision in Indian Anand Marriage Act which was registered in 1909, the biggest question is that why the India running in British made rules, why the India cannot make its own rules after the Independence.
102 Years ago the Anand Marriage Act made, now the governing bodies and controlling society of this act is Sikh Reht Maryada, Anand Marriage Act originally known as Anand Karaj, after many times Central Government wanted to revise some rules of the act.
Sikh Marriage Registration - the soul of the news is that 'The making of Separate Rules and Acts for the Registration of Sikh Marriages is not necessary'. The Sikh Marriages included in the Hindu Marriages Act 1955, the section of this Hindu Marriage Act is based on the Registration of Sikh Marriages and that is the reason for separate rules is not necessary for registration.
Central Government, State Government and Union Territories are taking important steps for Marriages Registration of every marriage of every caste done in India. The Government making rules, changing and revising marriages acts of India to compulsory the Marriage Registration.
India Government wants that Every Marriage in India will Register - this is the main motto for doing all the activities in the Marriages Act and this is the very important step in the field of development because the India is developing country of the World, there are thousands of benefits of Marriages Registration in India.
Why the Marriage Registration is Important ? - To clear the vision of Marriage Registration a Hindi Comedy Bollywood Film was made in 2010 namely 'Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke', Rahul Agrawal was in Lead Role and Narayani Shastri played role of his wife. A very interesting story on Marriage Registration in which the Devaki Nandan Tripathi (Rahul Agrawal) and Mithlesh (Narayani Shastri) done their re-marriage ceremony in the Police Station of Mumbai to prove that they are married.
Today is the age of Online - Is Indian Central Government taking any step in the field of Online Marriage Registration, from this step the Marriage Registration Ratio in India will automatically increase because this process can be done from anywhere, any-time and any-moment.

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