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Saturday, April 23, 2016

What is Identity?

The real meaning of the term Identity and Internet results on Identity Analyzed

I want to Identity. Trying to define the word in true meaning and exploring unique and universal definitions of Identity is tough task at least when you start with Google / Internet search. The primary Identity web results are revolving around dictionary meaning followed by Identity theft, Identity management and so on.

The Identity concern is really the highest concern of any one's life in the digital era, you can synonym with Internet era or Online era too. So what elements and issues are able to answer "What is identity?" question.

The identity of living element and object both exists but which is reigning in today's world?

The Identity Existence is my prime topic which i want to start addressing with the this blog article. Living online like a nomadic induced sense of Internet Existence which subsequently put me on the barren land of Identity Existence.

How to start exploring around 'What is identity'? Is what word sufficient to raise the completeness of Identity question?

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