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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Today is Rashtriya Panchayati Raj Divas

Today is National Arbitral Rule Day

India is celebrating rural governance in big way. The jury kind of governance in last line of society is great success in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured perfect well organized events and government scheme launching to mark the Rashtriya Panchayati Raj Divas in grand way at all levels.

The arbitral reigns have changed the face of rural administration in such a way that government is putting maximum possible thrust on village empowerment. The Rashtriya Panchayati Raj Divas is just highlighting the system to propagate more awareness to public benefit.

Why the Rashtriya Panchayati Raj Divas is favourite with prime minister? Exploring today's activity at national to village level may reveal the secret.

DAVP, Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity has flashed full page advertisement of Rashtriya Panchayati Raj Divas in leading daily news papers, put attractive movie ads in TV channels which are followed by their counterparts in states.

National Arbitral Rule Day is systematically made a force to reckon with for the spirit of rural upliftment.

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