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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The account of Navratri in Bollywood

The most magnificent festival Navratri finds its big existence in Bollywood the capital of entertainment world of India. The religious festival Navratri exists in reel and real life of Bollywood. There are movies depicting Navratri in Bollywood and almost all movie stars and crew admire and celebrate nine nights festive mood with great fervour.

Navratri in Bollywood accounts for fun and devotion both to mother power.

The feminine festivity Navratri in Bollywood lures both men and women with equal zeal.

TV serials specially incorporate Navratri in Bollywood and society in very colourful and creative styles which finds mentions in all sorts of media.

Who are the most addictive admirer of Navratri in Bollywood actors, actressess, produces, directors or any one linked with the movie capital of India? 

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