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Monday, April 11, 2016

Bollywood Stars Fasting in Navratri?

Do you know any Bollywood celebrity observing fast in Navratri festival? The question of fasting becomes important in respect of Chaitra Navratri. The hard hitting summer during Navratri April 08 to 16, 2016 is literally baking every one in India and Sukha hazard is added pain too. In such scenario the hard working class of Bollywood celebrity stars and workers fasting under scorching sun for Mother power is really worth serious talking.

Who is most prominent Mata Bhakt actor or actress or film crew in Bollywood? Naturally Bollywood Goddess is expected to observe Navartri rituals with devotion.

Fast alone is not sufficient for Navratri celebration, there are many more elements in Navratri festival to follow which might be considered hard for Bollywood fellows following tight shooting schedules and tough stardom lifestyle.

Movie stars secret of Navratri fasting is real precious tip to find.

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