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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Result Gossiping is very big business in online world: The first write-up

The power of result gossip is known to me since ten years back. Gossiping various results in online world is biggest writing topic which later in recent years changed the print media trends.

Hindi and English daily news paper are compulsorily started allocating more space for educational writing specially focused on exam and results issues.

You can term it online result news or Internet views on education or examination result writing which include admit card, hall ticket, mock test, model answers and finally online result announcement with complete marks details available to all students instantly at single point of time.

All sorts of topics related to exam, result and admission are dealt in always evolving writing style making the result gossip huge online traffic puller.

Why the result gossiping became top on earth? The few liner information is converted to billions of lines by millions of bloggers and online authors and writers. The whole scenario of result gossip writing is really amazing.

My result gossip article is unique and first ever write-up dealing the clearly visible result gossiping but invisible till now in online world..

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