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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The New Dawn Of The Aadhar In India

The concept of Global Identity for being a Global Citizen is quite possible. In fact we do so but only need an identity authorised properly.

I would love to live in a free world. Where I would go to work in the morning in my country and have lunch and dinner in two other separate nations consecutively, without time limit, proof of documents or even consulting with the embassy. This can only happen for a global citizen but unfortunately no such thing exists.

Let me continue with the free world dream. But to my detriment, I will never find that haven because all countries in the world have rules, constitutions and laws that all its citizens; birth or registered are expected to adhere to. You have to stick to an identity document from the time you see the light of this world. This is birth certificate defining your nationality too.

What happens when you grow? In most countries, when teenagers attain the age of sixteen or eighteen they are considered adults. Thus they are given identification cards as a formality to carry them throughout their lives and attest to this fact.

Currently in India, it’s called the Aadhar, an identity claimed as unique identity digitally but thankfully it is available to new born too. Any way Aadhar don't let you to be global citizen, it is an Indian identity number supported physically with physical id card print.

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